NetEnt is back with their latest release, Sparks Slot Machine. This 5 reel by 20 payline slot has everything you might have guessed from the title – sparkly entertainment thanks to different in-game features and overall design that also creates a sense of excitement! If you are eager for more information about how to play this game, go ahead reading our review below: I bet many people love playing slots online, but if you want to know whether or not they should get involved, then I’ve got some tips on what will help ensure success while also providing an enjoyable experience with all-round so read.

About Sparks Slot

the sparks slot machine is a great release from NetEnt that uses an eye-catching theme of lights to lighten up your mobile or PC screen. When you first look at it, you might confuse this for just another five reel slots, but upon successfully firing up all 60 levels (!!!) will realize what makes them so unique – there’s more than one-way win!

Sparks Slot Gameplay

With so many online slot machines that let you form winning combinations from left to right and vice versa, it’s hard deciding which one is best. But if there were only one game for me, then I would choose Sparks because not only can your win both ways, but they’ll also give away free money!

The graphics of the game are very appealing to look at. The different animations and effects make it even more exciting, especially when you get a bonus round.

The Sparks Online Slot machine has a space-like design that appeals to the eye. It’s unclear what these reels look like – either a distant planet or something you find in your backyard when tripping on mushrooms! Regardless, I don’t care because it’s so simple and easy to play their minimalistic game.

Icy blue Ws are your standard wild card, but fiery red ones will expand to form new combinations.

Sparks Slot Gameplay

The sparks slot game is a high-energy release with plenty of charisma. The colourful graphics and sounds will also have you on your toes! The reels are flooded in electric green or blue energies, which ooze out from each spin – it’s sure to keep everyone entertained at any party venue or home theatre system around town.

NetEnt is a well-established name when it comes to gaming platforms. They have chosen the usual configuration of 5 reels and 3 rows, with 20 paylines that are fixed for every spin on this game! There are also four bonus rounds–a high RTP percentage of around 96%. You can win big by playing in Both Ways mode (high hit frequency 36%) or one-way war(21%).

The betting range is perfect for any player, no matter their level. The flexible c2 up to $400 maximum per spin ensures that you can always keep playing without getting too frustrated!

Sparks Slot Game isn’t the place if you’re looking for a payout that will make your heart race. Instead of offering any huge jackpots and piles on coins as other slot machines do, this one comes with four bonus games designed to ensure some decent wins!

Sparks Slot In-Game Features

The spark slot game offers an exciting bonus feature that has become a NetEnt trademark. This is the expanding cloning wilds, which happens on reels 2 and 4 during gameplay when they land together with symbols appearing left-to-right will expand down or up to ensure you get at least three wins for landing any one symbol there!

Wild symbols in the Sparks slot game can expand to give you a multi-row win. If they appear on 2nd and 4th reels at once, this will result in an unexpected five-of-a-kind! For those who have chosen Win Both Ways mode…we don’t need to say any more than necessary 😉

Re-ignite the Winning Spark Within You With Sparks Slot Game

The theme of NetEnt’s Sparks Slot is straightforward. It doesn’t have any free spins game, but there are expanding cloning wilds that will surely do the trick!

Play for free at the best online casino in Canada to see what you’re made of before betting your hard-earned cash! Sparks slot game has an interesting saying: “Less is more.” It’s true when playing this exciting and innovative provider. You’ll want a taste, so strap yourself in with no deposit required – head on over here now.