A Quick Guide to Baccarat Etiquette

Baccarat is not just a game of luck. It’s also about how you play and gamble, which makes it vital to know how different casinos operate their version so that when things go wrong or your bet goes up in smoke (literally), there are no hard feelings on either end!

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You can also familiarize yourself with the game’s rules before wagering any real money on it at an online casino by playing free baccarat game. You can put any strategies you’ve been wanting to employ to the test during free play, or you can just have fun and enjoy the game in its purest form.

General Etiquette

The three different table types have broadly different expectations. As is clear from the names, “Mini” – is a quick low-stakes game of Baccarat that can be played on smaller 7-person blackjack-style tables; Big, which typically has higher limits and larger 15-person versions to accommodate more players (though they’re not always open for both); Midi sits in between with an intermediary set limit but still follows some general principles you would expect out any cardroom offering:

  • Know which game you’re joining, and the relevant rules, before you sit down. In Mini Baccarat, questions are generally not a problem, but it’s still advisable to know what you’re playing.
  • You shouldn’t attempt to join a table in the middle of a game. In some instances, you may be invited to sit, but you shouldn’t attempt to engage the players/dealer or to bet until the game is finished.
  • Once a bet is placed, you cannot touch your chips. This could be viewed as an attempt to cheat.
  • Drinking at the table is fine, as long as you are careful and sensitive to other players when ordering. Generally, drinks orders are best placed between hands.
  • When a whole table plays bets on either the Player or Banker, or if a player calls for ‘Support’, it’s considered good etiquette betting on the same side. More importantly, it creates a good atmosphere around the table.
  • When you finish playing, don’t forget to cover commission (forgetting to do so is embarrassing).
  • Tipping is also widely expected, though you are, of course, free to choose how much.

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Mini Baccarat Etiquette

One of the more popular variants is Baccarat. Unlike other card games, players can look at their hands and plan out moves before acting on them – here; you’ll never touch your cards! The dealer deals all facedown pieces for this type; however, someone might win by getting a coveted face-card (high card).

Midi/Big Baccarat Etiquette

The games are higher stakes, so you need to follow suit. There are also some small differences in how the play progresses- the main thing is not to lose your cool and stay calm!

  • Dress smartly. You won’t be able to join a high stake table if you are under-dressed, no matter how much you want to wager.
  • Acknowledge the other players when you sit. Introductions aren’t necessary, but a polite smile and/or nod is customary.
  • Players may be invited to handle the shoe (deal). This is dictated by the type of Baccarat being played. Generally, the player with the highest wager will be invited to deal, or the shoe will be passed around the table. It is acceptable to decline politely.
  • Some Midi/Big Baccarat tables may not follow the Punto Banco rules, where cards are drawn based on the tableau but will be chemin de fer. In this game, players may accept or refuse additional cards. Keep an eye out for indications of which game you are joining.
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To get the hang of Baccarat before joining a table, you can practise online!